This is what happens when a Christian drum-line junky from suburbia marries Hip-Hop.

Illijam's second EP, "While You Wait", poses the question, "What if waiting isn't inefficiency?"

What if, when our dreams unravel & come crashing down, the answer is not to frenetically manufacture artificial balms to our pain or make rashly advised, emotionally-fueled life decisions? What if the answer is to accept God's Providential red-lights as part of His wise and loving plan, trusting His Promises over our perceptions? An ancient writer once said "God works for those who wait" (Isaiah 64:4), and Illijam seeks to encourage his listeners to heed this and trust the God who promises to work all things for the good of those who love Him.

"While You Wait" also appears to foreshadow a forthcoming album...


Executive Producer Benjamin William Walters (Illijam)

Recorded at Count It Loss Studios

Engineered by Skyler "Prosper" Gibbons

Project Concept and Lyrics by Illijam

Additional Lyrics by J. Monty & Dillon Chase

Art Direction by Ciara Greer of Ciara Marie Photography


Wait Up [Prod. rey.OH.eight]

2-D (Kijong-Dong) Feat. Dillon Chase [Prod. rey.OH.eight]

The Pied Piper [Prod. Colson Kelly]

Dreams [Prod. Halo Hitz]

Penny For Your Thoughts [Prod. rey.OH.eight]