This is what happens when a Christian drum-line junky from suburbia marries Hip-Hop.

Baby never hold back what's on your mind/

What's in your past; these things take time/

Summer is a foretaste of forthcoming paradise...

the best part of which will be Jesus Himself.

My wife coming home now/

finna hit up China Moon/

People change. God doesn't. Trust Him.

Nobody asked you to hit replay/

On my soul's home videos I hate.../

The Day the bomb dropped

Due to my love affair with bojangles, I may have written a line alluding to it...

"Let Him be God; He works for those who wait"

"And I believe that it's not as it seems, and what's to comes beyond our wildest dreams"

My alma mater, Liberty University, has adopted "Flame On" and now plays it as its sporting events!

Knock me down; you can't knock me out!

Tom and I were on the drum line together our freshman year of college...Crazy how things work out, huh?


Ho, ho, let's go let's go!

JEsus makes everything seem like COMPARATIVE "Trash"...

If "break out" is your jam... 

Listen til the end...You've never heard something like this! 

Enjoy my remix of Kid Ink's Sunset!